Monday, May 28, 2012


I just recently graduated from University which means I can start updating my blogs.  I might not upload past things I've used because they passed so long ago I have no idea what I want to say about them anymore, but we'll see.  As for today, I got a ton of graduation goodies to share.

Let's start with the outfit: 

Dress: "LC Lauren Conrad Floral Ruffle Chiffon Dress" from Kohls
Shoes: "Madden Girl Getta Pump - Nude" from DSW

Thoughts - I really love this dress.  I saw it online before I saw it in stores.  While I had a different dress in mind that I saw from the site and had hoped I would see in stores, I couldnt find them.  I tried on this dress and I ended up falling in love with it.  It's really flattering and fits just right.  The color is just how it's seen on the site, pinks and nudes.  And I really like the sheer shoulder straps as well.  There's a waist tie as well, but I tied it to the front instead of the back just so the back can be kept simple since the front has all the ruffles.  It landed about 2 or 3 inches above my knees, so it's longer than a mini skirt, but shorter than knee length (I'm 5'4" btw).  The only problem I had with it is the zipper which a lot of people have had problems as stated from the reviews on the site.  It would get stuck where the waist tie is and I assume it's because that's where the thickest amount of fabric is.

The shoes are really comfy.  They're about 3" heels, so they aren't too high.  I did a fair amount of walking and standing in these heels with no problem.  I had to get a half size smaller because the sizes run larger, but I was glad I got to try these on in store instead of ordering online.  Even though they are a perfect fit, I still had a problem with my heel slipping out of the shoe, but that's for any pair of pumps I own.  Me and my deformed heels haha.  Heel grips dont help either, or it just means I need to try a different brand of heel grips.  But nevertheless, these heels are a great addition to my slowly growing collection of shoes that I will never wear often :D

(Some of these are pictures that I've posted before, but now I can finally give a review.)
Eyeshadow: "Too Faced - Naked Eye Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection" from Ulta ($20 promo)
Mascara: "Fairydrops - Volume Burst Mascara Waterproof" from Sasa
Cheeks: "Tarte - Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush - Wonder" from Ulta

*Not shown*
Eyelid primer: "Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Eden" by Urban Decay
Face primer: "Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer - 001" by Rimmel London
Foundation: "Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation - 200 and 201" by Rimmel London
Concealer: "Match Perfect Skin Tone Adapting Concealer" by Rimmel London
Powder: "Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Transparent 001" by Rimmel London
Lips: "tokidoki Prisma Lip Gloss - Donutella (nude)" from Sephora 

Thoughts - As you can see I love Rimmel London.  For me, it's the best drugstore brand that my skin can take.  Doesn't break me out, does a great job in coverage and the colors... closesly match my skin tone.  I've been experimenting with the foundation.  I currently mix two colors to get my skin tone.  And I see they have expanded their powder selection so I might be going for a colored powdered again as well. 

I really love this Too Faced palette.  I stopped using my tokidoki palette and started using this one as a my "go-to" eye makeup.  It's just as the name says.  It's soft in color, very subtle, yet it still has this sensual, "sexy" feel to it.  This particular palette did not come with the applicator drawer, but I like it this way since it's smaller and easier to travel with if I need to.

I'm not sure if I reviewed the Fairydrops mascara yet, but i'm half and half with this one.  I like that it maintains the curls as people have reviewed before with the ORIGINAL Japanese Fairydrops mascara.  What I dont like is that you can totally see the fibers on your eyelashes.  They don't separate the lashes too much so they get kind of spidery.  I use a mascara comb to comb out what I can, but this mascara dries quick which makes it hard to fan out the lashes.


- Milani Nail Art (with precision brush) in Art of Silver
- Nailene French Manicure Kit (base color polish and white polish)
- E.L.F.  Clear glitter polish
- China Glaze Lush & Luxe (from the Hunger Games collection)
- Daiso mini nail beads 
- Seche Vite top coat

I know it's bad to keep old nail polishes, but I used them anyways since I still had them.  The white was pretty much thickening up, so currently I'm in search of a new white polish.
I had the intention of doing an asymmetric french tip, but I they didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, so I just did them on my thumb and ring fingers. I added the beads to the lining and for the other nails I did a standard french tip and lined it with the silver polish.  The whites of the nail had originally been painted with Lush & Luxe but I realized that it didn't look right to me, so I added the Elf glitter polish over it instead and on my other hand it was just the Elf glitter polish.

They turned out pretty well and they lasted for more than a week before the beads started to fall off (I love Seche Vite top coat >_<).
Well that's it for the graduation post!  Hopefully I can do some more NOTW when I start doing my nails again, or reviews or OOTD.  But I'm not so trendy, so we'll see what comes out next. Check out my travel blog when I update it with my next trips!