Friday, June 17, 2011

NOTW: 2011-05-18

Nail of the Week
May 18, 2011
(I know the dates aren't showing up literally weekly, but I use the date when I either do them or when I upload the pictures from my camera)

Was a little bored, and tried to use a different technique this time.

What I used:
- OPI - Navy Blue (not sure about color#/name)
- Wet n Wild - 469 Hallucinate (clear with silver glitter)
- OPI - Rapid dry top coat
- Sponge, cut from a foundation sponge

 I'm going to write this quick since I'm getting sleepy.
I used the sponge and dabbed it on my nail tips to get a bit of a gradient look.  They also go above the smile line.  To make the blue a little darker, I applied a bit more polish at the tips using the brush which really did help in the gradient effect.  When the color dried, I applied the glitter polish over it, just one coat and then applied a top coat after it dried.

These nails lasted for about 2 weeks before the chipping of the polish got really bad. 
As much as I like the Rapid dry top coat that OPI has, I find that it works more like a clear layer of polish rather than protecting it.  Polish tends to peel off when I use that top coat. and when I mean peel, i mean PEEL. like, I can peel off the entire nail color without it chipping or ripping.

I really liked these nails, and I'm glad they lasted as long as they did.  I just wish that the top coat wasn't as bad as it is.

*Currently, my nails have been naked since this last look.  My nails are very brittle right now, not sure why since I havent had a problem before.  They've been peeling, usually it'd only be one of my nails, but a few of them have been peeling.  So not only are my nails naked, they are also short.  I don't usually like doing one color polishes (which I've said before), but since I got those new eLF polishes, I might as well try it out.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

2-month Haul

Yeah, I suck.  I didn't post anything over the weekend.  But since I've been working on my other blog, I thought I might as well start posting SOMETHING here.  Such a lazy little kid.
I decided to do a haul post since I have a whole bunch of pictures ready to share.

(Nail file and nail art stuff. I also got False Lashes that is not pictured.)
The nail file kit is cute, great for travel, but not good for everyday use.  The bottom right picture is of a nail art jewel tower and some really tiny silver beads for nails as well.  The jewel tower has 4 compartments and they swing out from a spine on the tower.
 (Solia Tourmaline Cermaic Ion Flat Iron with heat-proof mat and a mini Solia flat iron)
I've been needing a flat iron so I bought the Solia that I've heard good things about.  I bought it in black, with blue plates and the size is 1-1/4".  I bought this at such a great time.  They were having a deal where when you spend over a certain amount (I think mine was over $75), you get a free Solia flat iron (1/2").  Also, they included a heat-proof mat as well as a 2yr Warranty for the big iron.
I'll do a review of the iron in a future post.

 (Makeup Brushes, Nail Polish, Face products, Eyeshadow Palette)
These are some of the items I bought from ELF during one of their promos.  Spend over $25 and either get 20% off or Free Shipping.  I opted for free shipping since you actually save more.
Brushes - Got 3 brushes from their studio collection: Face, Stipple and Blush
Polish - Got a shimmery black (i'll get color#/name when I review them) and a clear glitter polish
Face - High Definition translucent loose powder, Eyebrow stencils and blush
Eyeshadow Palette - 32-color "to-go" mini palette in Everyday Basic.


(More ELF products. Pressed powder, Concealer, Liquid Liner, Eyebrow/Eyelash gel, Chapstick, It's a 10)
I swear, every time I go to Target, I always end up buying stuff I never intend on buying, and it's usually makeup.  eLF is such an affordable makeup line with items ranging from $1-$3 in store.
I'll do a review on these items when I get a chance to actually use them, but for the most part I do have some success with the liner and the eyebrow gel.
The eLF product next to the vaseline lip protectant is actually an "all-over" color stick which is great for a simple lip color or cream blush.

This is also the first time that I'm using It's a 10 and I gotta say that I'm loving it.. for the most part (review? hmm).  The little packet on the right came with the bottle.  It's a sample of the deep conditioning masque which I'll use when the weather gets a little more hotter.

I think this is all the items I've bought in the last 2-months.  I feel like I'm forgetting something, but these were the only pictures I had on my computer that I've extracted from my phone and camera.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Lied.

haha, I said i'd be back around mid-May and now it's already mid-June.  Sorry, I do want to post, but it's a matter of getting my priorities straight.  I've been organizing my hard drive and CDs for the past couple days and I'm still needing to work on cleaning and redecorating my room.

I do want to post something this weekend, but I'm not sure where to start.  I have 2 NOTW to put up and TONS of items that i've purchased over the last month and a half that I'd love to show.  Its just a matter of my priority right now, especially since summer session is about to start for me.  But I do promise to post something soon.

I also need to mention shopping session this Saturday.  Let's see if i'll come out with anything. I do tend to stop myself from buying stuff.  I'd rather save my money for something I need rather than want.