Friday, May 16, 2014

Where Do I Begin?

First off, apologies for not posting when I said I would, and that was months ago.

It's now May without a word.
I still want to continue the reviews I missed as well as keep this up-to-date, but I just need to break that into myself.

So what HAVE I been doing since the last post?
I got caught up with online gaming. haha!!  Yes, I spend hours and hours playing games on the computer, which is really not healthy but at least it's something fun to do.

Anyways, starting next week, I want to TRY (keyword: try) to get this blog up and started again.  Until then *crosses fingers*

Friday, March 14, 2014


JUST received my March 2014 Birchbox AND Ipsy glam bag in the mail today!  Such a great surprise since I wasn't expecting them to arrive so soon.

Since I've started blogging again, I've decided to reformat how I'd set up my posting.  I'll set up posts for the introduction of what's inside my boxes & glam bags and then a 2nd post with a first impression/review of the items that came inside them.  I think it'd be easier to do it this way rather than having those long posts, which also include the words "I haven't tried so-and-so yet...".  So.. we'll see how this goes.

(Bottom L to R: Birchbox insert, Ipsy insert)

 Both companies' themes are on the new season change from gloomy to sunny.  However, Birchbox is focusing on "getting the most of it" products and Ipsy on destination/vacay products.

1) COOLA - Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face
2) DDF - Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew
3) ENGLISH LAUNDRY - No.7 for Her
4) GILCHRIST & SOAMES - London Collection Body Lotion
5) OJON - Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment + Restorative Hair Treatment Plus
*6) GHIRARDELLI - Cherry Tango Square
* An extra special treat added to the box.

1) PIXI BEAUTY - Flawless Beauty Primer
2) NYX - Love in Rio Eyeshadow
3) BAREMINERALS - Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in "Get Ready"
4) CHELLA - Indigo Blue Eyeliner

Over the next week or two, I'l try out these products and see how they work with me.  Hoping for some positive results!  Until next time, I'll leave you an added bonus at what I received in the mail today as well:

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Cloth Poster, which came for free with my pre-order of Catching Fire from Target!!  It came separately from the movie, so I was a little upset I didn't receive it with my order.. I thought they forgot to add it, but it just arrived separately which was a nice surprise!  It's.... huge haha! Larger than I had expected but it's a great addition to add for a collector.

Friday, February 28, 2014

A's Fanfest NOTW

I'm not sure if you noticed by now, but I'm a huge Oakland A's Fan!  I've been coming to games regularly since 2001 (earliest memory from 1999) and been to A's Fanfest almost every year since 2004.  I decided to dress my nails up this year to fit with the theme.  While I ended up doing an entirely different set than I had anticipated, they still turned out great!

 In the end, I decided on going with an asymmetrical french manicure, with an accent nail of a baseball.  I was thinking of doing the A's logo again, but I ran short of time since I did them the night before.  They turned out great and were even noticed by one of the A's players!

Bonus Pics from the event:

1970's memorabilia set-up in the Bow Tie Lounge

Big Head Mascots taking pics with the fans: (L-R: Rollie Fingers, Dennis Eckersley, Ricky Henderson)

Was walking by and saw Sonny Gray and Chris Gimenez signing autographs

After leaving my autograph session with Ariel Prieto and Yoenis Cespedes.  
I was so nervous I didnt bother taking pictures in there haha!
[Ariel was the one that noticed my nails and told Cespedes to look at them!!]

The goods I walked away with that day.  I was missing my autographed baseball card from Tommy Milone since my brother was carrying it for me and I got home before he did.

Such a fun day!  Very tiring and overly crowded this year, but nonetheless, definitely a great start to the baseball season and cant wait for Opening Day!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Past NOTW + bonus pics

Just a few of the past NOTW I've had.  I think I've mentioned before that with my previous job, I wasn't allowed to have much of a dramatic nail set.  So the ones from 2013 were only worn for a few days.

 Easter egg nails for Easter 2013

 Oakland A's 2013 Opening Day.
These I only wore for 1 day before removing them.  It's such a shame too. I spent forever making that A's logo.  I might give it another go again this year!

 Christmas 2013. It's a little hard to see the tree because of the colors I used.

 Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2014 - Minnie inspired nails to go with the occasion!
My sister ran the half marathon at Disneyland and thought I'd dress up the nails to match Disney~

I just bought these Nail art brushes from Daiso. They were the last ones on the rack so I decided to grab them.  I didnt even know they sold these there.  The lady at the register even took a look at it before handing it to me haha.

That's it for now.  Not much of an update, but thought I'd post up something while I still had some free time. Real updates to come within the next few weeks, especially since I'll be receiving my monthly boxes and need to be heading to ULTA very soon!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Back~

After some thinking, I wanted to start this up again!

I'm not sure how often I can update, or what I'd like to update with, but I'd like to continue posting on here.  It's been awhile, but after some things I've been going through, I thought i'd be nice to get back in this game.  I need to see what I could start off with, but for now, just a friendly greeting.  Until next time ... :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Birchbox: September 2012

[Pictures to be added later]

- Mighty Leaf Tea Tea Pouches
- Birchbox/Color Club Custom Collection
- twistband Lace up for Fall
- Youngblood Mineral Primer
- Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Binding Targeted Leave-In Treatment, Daily Conditioner and Daily Shampoo
- Benefit foamingly clean facial wash
- Benefit refined finish facial polish

First and foremost, I need to state that I DID NOT receive my BBxCC Custom Collection nail polish AND the twistband in my box.  To think I did not receive two items in my box was a complete disappointment.  I sent them an email complaint, and immediately they credited me back for my box which was very generous of them.  I was, however, disappointed not to receive the nail polish of all things since I love collecting polishes.

I received 3 flavors of tea with my box and I gotta say, I didn't like any of them haha.  I drink a lot of tea, and tried a variety of flavors, different leaves, etc, but these did not taste the way I would have liked it to be.  The three flavors I had were the Green tea tropical, Vanilla bean and Citrus Chamomile.  Not surprising, my favorite was the green tea.  The tropical taste was stronger than the green tea, but it wasn't overpowering.  It added a sweetness to it, especially for such a light tea.  Vanilla bean lacked flavor and the citrus chamomile was overpowering with the citrus.

I loved the Nexxus Pro-Mend split end shampoo.  I had tried this product when my hair was at its longest (nearly 2.5ft long) and it really made my brittle/damaged hair feel really soft and tamed the frizz.  Of course it wouldnt remove split ends, but would work as a temporary fix, it still did a great job.  I was planning on purchasing this Nexxus treatment after my Aussie Moist had been used up, but since I had cut my hair I decided against it and went with something cheaper which is working for my current hair state.

Birchbox: October 2012

- Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel
- theBalm cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer
- Lucy B. Cosmetics Roll On Perfume Oil Duo
- Vitivia Vitamin capsules
- LUNA Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter

I only used two of the products that were in this box: The LUNA bar and theBalm highlighter.

The Ouidad gel that I received in this box was the same sample that I had received free with my Sephora purchase, but in a larger size (as seen on the bottom left photo).  I just had no need to use it, especially being from the Bay Area, it doesn't get that humid in the area I live, so there really wasn't a need to try it.  However, I don't mind holding onto it if I ever do travel out of town and need a quick fix.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer has a nice sheer glow to it.  It doesn't stand out that much, and isn't glittery.  Just a slight shimmer.  I used it for the first time during my sisters wedding and you can barely see it, but that could be on my part since I didn't want to overdo it, especially using it for the first time.  Maybe I should have trialed it beforehand haha.

As for the LUNA bar, it's just like any other LUNA bar, but didn't have the chocolate bottom.  It was more of just a regular granola bar.  I had taken this sample with me in my clutch during my sisters wedding since I needed some sort of snack in between all the chaos.  It was pretty tasty, very peanut buttery, but it wasn't really anything that would stand out.