Friday, November 30, 2012

Magazines: NON-NO

NON-NO is a Japanese fashion magazine which is catered towards teens and women in their early 20's.  I love this magazine!  Despite not being in my early 20's now, it was the magazine i bought when I first got into my "second" world.  This is the one fashion magazine that I always buy when I get the opportunity because of the styles of clothing that are presented.  It has the styles that I like to wear or at least try to attempt to wear (haha!)

One thing that I love about Japanese magazines, in general, is that most of the times they provide a free gift with your purchase.  It could be a small compact mirror, CD case, CD holders, etc.
In this case, I got a small amenities bag with my purchase.


On the cover is actress/model Kiritani Mirei and.... someone I can't remember right now XD
Inside was this really cute cosmetic pouch which was designed by Mercury Duo which is a brand that has lots of cute, bohemian style clothing.  (note: Nicole Richie was a model for this brand a few years ago).  While I haven't had a chance to use this pouch yet, it's pretty good quality and would last quite a while, plus the colors are gorgeous.  The pouch itself has handles on the outside, a small sleeve pouch on the outside, and 4 slots on the inside which is meant to hold your travel bottles.  I would love to use this when I travel but my only problem is, it's too narrow to hold ALL my stuff. 

When I do travel, I use a tokidoki foldable makeup carrier which was sold at Sephora a few years ago.  This one would be great for overnight travel, but not for a long vacation.  You may think it'd be great for bringing with you everyday, but the bag is a bit too large for that.

The contents of the magazine contained lots and LOTS of photographs of clothing and models wearing the clothing and the different ways to wear a few pieces of clothing each day.  There was also a small spread in the inside of actress/model Oomasa Aya sporting some Uniqlo clothing (btw love, love, LOVE Uniqlo!)

I'd love to share more about these magazines when I get them, but its been awhile since I last bought an issue.  A few years ago I remember getting a small pouch in my.... it was either Camcan or ViVi magazine... by Anna Sui which was reaaally cute, but I ended up giving it away.

Anyways..... Not sure if you've noticed, but I love the Japanese pop culture haha.  I do run another blog thats linked to this account for the other side of my personality.