Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's been awhile..

I do have realized that I haven't updated this.  I buy TONS of makeup and stuff but I never got around to actually reviewing them despite me either liking them or not liking them or am still using them now.

I do gotta say tho that since I started a 2nd job, the new job doesn't allow colored hair nor flashy nail colors/polishes/designs :( yeah, i know wtf.  But whatever, when I graduate and start working in a lab, I can do whatever the hell I want.. or at least I would hope so :P

anyways.  My current nails are gel nails with a natural look (no french tips or boogie nights, but am wearing falsies) and 4 plumeria 3D flowers on the thumbs and ring fingers.  Pictures up the next time I update, hopefully there will be some reviews. Until next time!