Monday, January 27, 2014

Past NOTW + bonus pics

Just a few of the past NOTW I've had.  I think I've mentioned before that with my previous job, I wasn't allowed to have much of a dramatic nail set.  So the ones from 2013 were only worn for a few days.

 Easter egg nails for Easter 2013

 Oakland A's 2013 Opening Day.
These I only wore for 1 day before removing them.  It's such a shame too. I spent forever making that A's logo.  I might give it another go again this year!

 Christmas 2013. It's a little hard to see the tree because of the colors I used.

 Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2014 - Minnie inspired nails to go with the occasion!
My sister ran the half marathon at Disneyland and thought I'd dress up the nails to match Disney~

I just bought these Nail art brushes from Daiso. They were the last ones on the rack so I decided to grab them.  I didnt even know they sold these there.  The lady at the register even took a look at it before handing it to me haha.

That's it for now.  Not much of an update, but thought I'd post up something while I still had some free time. Real updates to come within the next few weeks, especially since I'll be receiving my monthly boxes and need to be heading to ULTA very soon!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Back~

After some thinking, I wanted to start this up again!

I'm not sure how often I can update, or what I'd like to update with, but I'd like to continue posting on here.  It's been awhile, but after some things I've been going through, I thought i'd be nice to get back in this game.  I need to see what I could start off with, but for now, just a friendly greeting.  Until next time ... :)