Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coming Up!

Sorry for the lack of reviews, but school started and I've been way too busy with classes to do anything related.  It's really hard for me to actually do anything nail related since I have a lab class this semester.  Though we don't have any restrictions, it's kind of hard to do all the stuff I do in micro lab with nice, done-up, nails without them getting ruined in a day.  So lately my nails have been naked and haven't been touched with polish since the last post (and my hands drier than ever ><).

I just wanted to update to mention what will be coming up next.
I'll actually be doing a TUTORIAL next using artificial nails.  In fact, I'll be using the burgundy colored Nailene Nail Studio nails and actually touching them up with a bit of my imagination. 
My sister will be getting married next month and lucky for me that these nails fit the color scheme.  I've also just bought a decorating nail stand for artificial nails which I can't wait to try out.  So I'll be working on them as soon as I find some free time (and get the right colors =X).   Until then!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Review: Nailene Bedazzle Nail Art

I LOVE Nail decals.  When you're in a hurry and don't have the time to free-hand nail art to your nails, decals/stickers add that special touch for you.  Effortless, easy-to-use and add fun or even elegance to your nails.  I was extremely excited to see the Bedazzle Nail Art pack to my prize bag because I was needing some new ones.  The nail stickers that I usually get are ridiculously expensive just for ONE set of decals (that's what you get for buying imports from Japan!).  In this pack you get FOUR sets of decals and what was lucky for me was that the designs included are totally me (im a huge sucker for stars!).

What I loved about these decals is that they were easy to peel off the backing, yet were strong enough to stick to my nails without sliding around or ripping off.  Previous stickers I'd use would actually slide off my nails without me knowing, so when I'd look at them I'd see the outline of where they were or have lint stick to where it used to be haha.

What I didn't like was when you're removing your polish, the decals don't come off with it.  Now when I said these were strong enough to stick to my nails without falling off, i mean it.  These suckers held on for dear life.

 As you can see, I have NO polish on what-so-ever, yet these things stuck on without even a scratch on them.  I mean, it was cool that I was able to keep them on just for a bit longer even after my polish chipped, but I was ready to get them off, and they just wouldn't come off.

They eventually started coming off a week later, but I'm not sure if it fell off because of the amphyl I used during biology lab or if they fell off on their own.  Either way, they fell off basically and you can definitely tell where they were on my nails because of the left over polish behind it.

I really liked these decals/stickers because they were strong enough to stay on my nails and have these great designs.  I just wish they were soluble in acetone.